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    Bought a car Nov2023 using my credit card to pay deposit, the rest cash on collection at garage. Whilst driving home engine light came on, they fixed one of the problems then noticed a week or two later the oil leak hadn't been fixed, so it went back again several weeks later once a courtesy car could be provided, roll on 13 weeks I get the car back and 4weeks later engine light comes on for the same problem that was meant to be fixed first time round, now I am getting another car from them but having to pay more money as they don't have to give me the original price that I paid for the vehicle.
    My question is can i claim for the difference that they are giving me to the original price i paid for the vehicle? Or claim for the full amount i am having to find to get another vehicle?
    Thanks in advance.
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    @Mjones_uk Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that.

    You can find all of the information you need and raise a claim through the link below. Once we've received and checked through the details, we'll be in touch. Please be aware there is no guarantee the claim will be upheld, but we will do our best to help.


    If you need to ask a question about a Tesco Bank product, you can make a post in Help & Support here

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