Complete lack of communication and awful customer service

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    To Whom This May Concern, In the hope that somwhere Tesco bothers to reply to unhappy customers I am using this community as a last resort as it seems there is no reply on either your Facebook or your Twitter sites. I am based in New Jersey USA, I am continously locked out of my account - Tesco are telling me my information is incorrect and I need to call them, however I dont have access to call international numbers from my mobile. I have requested a temporary security number which arrived in the post today, which took nearly 2 weeks to arrive. I have since tried to use the code, to my amazement the message I receive is.. your user details are incorrect. Even though I am reading the number from my card, entering the correct details as have been set up and confirmed with you previously. This is getting quite rediculous that I cannot receive a phone call from someone at Tesco to rectfy the issue and allow me to log in successfully to my account, I have accounts set up with Natwest, Barclaycard that do not lock me out of my account in this way simply because I am accessing the account from abroad. I am unable to make payments, review activity on my account because of your systems errors - this isnt good enough and as a long term customer of yours I expect a reply and a plan to resolve this issue going forwards or I will be closing down the account with immediate effect. Please can someone connect ASAP to provide help in resolving this issue. RegardsKirsty
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    Hi , I'm sorry to hear that you've had issues accessing your account.

    I notice that you've messaged our account and will reply through private message so i can obtain your information and try and resolve your query
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    Ross, your colleague Adam who supposedly was set to help, hasnt. I have had THE most unhelpful troubleshooting session with your colleague Jytte - its clear my username is correct and my zipcode and card number - this isnt user error. This is going on three weeks now and first line support clearly isnt much to go on at Tesco. I am lost as to why your company will not reach out to me to troubleshoot the issue correctly and effeciently by phone on the cell number I have provided. Twitter responses are not helpful and the suppoort recieved is astoundingly redundant. I have repeated on multiple occasions that all my log in details are correct, which have been verified by Tesco - so to receive a message saying please input your details and let us know the outcome is almost insulting. Please have someone connect with me ASAP.
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    Hi @Kirsty1983,

    I had a look at the discussion we've been having with you on Twitter and it looks like you've gotten back online, which I am glad to hear.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with - Tristan
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    Have to agree with OP about lack of customer care. :( Whilst I realise that problems do arise, answers such as - "We're looking into this for you" dated 5 Apr and still to be waiting for answers over a month later don't inspire any confidence. :(
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    Only just joined Tesco but have to agree, your customer service is definitely not up there with the best. Got my credit card, registered for online banking, could see not see my credit limit online even though I knew it was £2300. ALL I could see was £150 credit available and £0.00 balance. How on earth is that helpful?I set up a balance transfer when applying but there was no information about that. I phoned customer service and they said my card was not activated yet. So "apparently" they activated it and everything should have been fine. Was told 2-3 days for the balance transfer to go through...way too long but at least it was happening...or so I thought. No confirmation by text or email as promised so being suspicious I called again and was told my card was not activated! So went through the whole thing again. Next I get a text message saying my balance transfer could not be processed because there was a problem and could I download the app and then manually set up the transfer...again! Downloaded the app but could still see nothing but the £150 credit available and £0.00 balance. Looked at the balance transfer option but it would only see the credit available on the card and so I could not do a transfer. Phoned again and went through the whole balance transfer for the third time only now your customer service guy actually asked for details of the card I was transferring from. Did all that, was told it would take 2-3 working days and that I would receive confirmation. 24hrs later STILL no confirmation and I have no idea if the balance transfer is going through or not. Am I supposed to keep phoning and going around in circles? At least provide some information ON SITE so I can see where we are with it? Send me an email or text updating and confirming it's going through. You REALLY need to up your game in the IT department because this is like going back 10 years!
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    Hi can you let us know what conversation you are referring to please.
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    Hi , I’m really sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had so far and the difficulty in completing your balance transfer. So we can look into this for you please send a private message to with your name, DOB and postcode.
    When you send on your DOB and postcode please leave a space between each character.
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    This is impossible! Jumping through all the hoops to join this " community" I find its completely user UN-friendly. What a chaos and confusion! Apart from everything else, I just tried to use my Tesco Visa card on-line for the first time: the "Verified by Visa" form asked me "What is your mother's maiden name?" Unfortunately this is not a question on my Tesco current account security details therefore I am unable to verify my Visa Card.
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    Hi , I'm sorry to hear that. If you've not previously registered for Tesco Bank Secure, or need to update the information, then you're able to do so by following the instructions in this link. I hope this helps.