Block, unblock or replace your credit card with our Mobile Banking App

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    We’ve all been there; you’re paying at the till or plugging your payment details in online, and suddenly you can't remember where you put your credit card. If you think you’ve lost it, then, like most of us, you’ll immediately reach for the phone to call and cancel your card just to be sure. And if you’re really unlucky, you might find your card later down the side of the couch or at the bottom of your bag after you’ve already cancelled it. With our latest app update we’re aiming to make this a little easier.

    To avoid this frustration, we’ve made it possible for our credit card customers to temporarily block their cards before cancelling them completely. And the best part is if you find your card again before cancelling it, you can easily unblock it and start using it again. Whilst your card is blocked, your account will still be active but all transactions and additional cardholders will also be blocked. Take a look at the journey below to see how it’s done.

    However, if your card doesn’t turn up, or you think it might have been stolen, you can easily cancel and order a new card right there in the app. Simple as that. Here’s how it works.
    If you want to know more about what you should do if you’ve either lost your card or had your card stolen, you can read our FAQ.

    Or for a full list of what our app can do for you, head to the App Store or Google Play. And as always, we’d really appreciate your feedback, so feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments below.
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    Hi , sorry to hear you're looking to close your account. The quickest way to get the account closed is to give us a call on 0345 300 4278 (available 24/7), and our team can close it for you straight away. To speak to one of my colleagues, please choose option 2 and enter your security details, then press 0. You can also send a letter with your details and signature to Tesco Bank, PO Box 27028, Glasgow, G2 9FT to close the account by post. I hope this helps!
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    I have a joint credit card with my husband. His card is damaged and needs replacing. Does our account get blocked while we wait for the new card?
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    Former Community Manager
    Hi , we wouldn't block an account for a damaged card. I hope this clarifies things for you.
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    Hi Guys My Credit card it damaged but still working, just. How do i organise a replacement. I cannot find it on your website and am going round in circles on the automated phone! help please
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    Former Community Manager
    Hi you can order a new credit card by giving us a call on 0345 300 4278 (24/7) and one of our advisors will send one out to your home address. Alternatively you can request a new card by logging into your online banking and selecting ‘Manage account’, then going to ‘manage your account’ and ‘get a replacement card’. Then if you click Submit, this will issue a new card to your address.

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    Hi I know this is an old thread but I've been wanting an answer to this, if I block my card through the app as said above, will I still be able to process monthly payments that are due or will I have to unblock it again while doing this? I don't want to spend anything on my card, just want to make the payments. Do I have to keep it unblocked or will it still process while blocked?
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    This process only places a temporary block on the card and allows you to remove it at any point. If you do place a block on it, you will still be able to make payments to pay off your balance whilst the card is block. I hope this clears things up.
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    Hi, I have just requested a replacement card due to mine being misplaced. Will my partner (additional cardholder) also receive a new card automatically?Thanks