Managing your Paper Preferences in Our App

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    Every year things are becoming more and more digital. And we think that’s a great thing at Tesco Bank. It helps make everything easier for you, our customers, to stay up to date, informed and in control of your money. You can avoid forms, filing and phone calls as much as possible, to get on with the things in life that really matter. And that’s why, for our latest app update, we’ve focussed on making it possible for you to manage your paper preferences. You can see the new settings menu below.

    We understand that monthly statements can mean different things to our customers. If you’re the type of person who always has a plan, then you need things to be fast, on time and to fit into your natural monthly rhythm. Or perhaps for you, it’s all about saving time; getting things done and out of the way so you get on with life. For some, it’s about security and feeling in control of where everything is. In each of these types of customers, there will be some who are apprehensive about turning off their regular paper statement, so I have outlined some of the benefits of going paperless below.

    • If you go paperless with your credit card, current account or savings account, you still have easy access to all of your statements, anywhere and at anytime using our app or online banking.
    • We’ll send you an email every month when your statement is available online for you to view, download and print at your convenience so you’ll never miss out.
    • No forms, filing or clutter through your front door giving you one less thing to worry about.

    However we know through The Community comments that some of our customers simply like paper statements. Whether it’s the routine, the physical act of sitting down and looking through them or the reminder each month to make your payments, we’d like to hear about your interactions with your statements. So let us know in the comments below. We’d love to see if we can make changes to make things easier for you to manage your accounts.
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    Fresh Eyes
    How do I print my credit card statements?
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    Hi @cafield, thanks for getting in touch. You can print your monthly statements via Online Banking or the Mobile App. If you're logged in to Online Banking, click on your credit card, scroll down and select the 'Statements' tab then you'll be able to open and print each monthly statement from here.

    On the Mobile App you can do this by tapping on your credit card, selecting 'Statements & documents', opening your statement and clicking on the 'Share' icon in the top corner. I hope this helps!