Credit card late payment - how will it effect my credit rating

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    I am hoping someone will help me or direct me to where I can go for advice..

    I made a lump-sum payment on the 6th March thinking it would cover my March statement, I logged onto my tescos account today (1/4/18) to find I had a late payment fee and my statement restarted on the 9th March (unaware) and a payment was due by 29th March - immediately I paid the minimum for time being and decided I would call up tescos and explain myself, I had been hospitalised for nearly a week (proof of discharge letter offered) and was basically told it's my fault, but can refund the late fee payment.
    Personally I'm not fussed about the £12 charge as it's half my fault - I should of kept an eye on my account.
    I asked who could I contact to explain the missed payment to so it won't damage my credit rating.. but no advice given.

    But I'm slightly concerned of my credit rating though and having this 'black mark of missed payment on record' as I am saving and plan to apply for a mortgage at the end of this year, I have never EVER in my time missed a payment or been short of money to pay my debts, it is a genuine mistake.. I was hoping would me missing a payment by 3 days make a huge impact on my chances of a mortgage in the future. My credit rating is good/excellent as it is and I have always made sure it's in good shape.

    Please any advice or help is extremely grateful! Many thanks.
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    I'm really sorry to hear of the trouble you've had, . With regards to your credit file, as long as you have made a payment by debit card during the same statement period that it was due, this will not be recorded on your credit file as a late payment. If no payment was made during the statement month it was due, it would then be reflected as a late payment on your credit file.

    We'll only apply a charge if your payment is made outside of your statement payment period. This period starts from the day your statement is issued to the payment due date quoted on the statement. If you pay before or after this, it won't count towards your balance for that month. The best way to avoid this is by setting up a direct debit which you can do online or via the mobile app, to avoid this happening again.

    I hope this helps, and that you're also on the mend after your week in hopsital.
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    Hi - I hope Ash's answer helped explain our process?

    If it answered your question, please can you accept the solution?

    Thanks - Sarah
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    Hi. Please could you clarify the statement period you mention regarding the credit file point. I find myself in a similar position to the original poster as my credit card payment was due today and, although I paid it in full by debit card on Friday, I realise the money wont reach my account until tomorrow.
    I appreciate the late payment is my fault as I should have read the details re: how long it takes money to get to the account (Im so used to money transferring between accounts in 1-2 hours that it didnt occur to me that it would take so much longer for this payment to go through). I am expecting a £12 late payment fee, but as the money will be received before my next statement comes out does that mean I will not get a black mark on my credit report? Thanks for your help.
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    The statement period referred to is the time between statements being produced. So if your statement produced on the 10th December and you missed the due date, provided you make payment of at least the minimum payment before the 10th January statement is generated, we will not report the default on your credit report. If I can ask you to privately message @Tesco-Bank with your full name, DOB and postcode, I'll take a closer look at this for you.
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    Having the same problem here, missed payment by accident (turns out a direct debt wasnt set up) and the super unhelpful CS lady said no cant do anything about it and wouldnt pass me to credit control. i get the impression she didnt really know what she was doing. if someone from tesco bank could please help i would be most grateful
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    HI , if you would like to send a private message to I can certainly have a look.
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    Hi my payment was due on 11th May but I sent a form to freeze my payments for 3 months and heard nothing back. I will pay friday minimal payment but my new statement came out today and now a late fee. I hope this wont affect my credit as paying Friday and when will I hear about payment freeze?
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    Hi Richliz, sorry to hear about this! Can you please check your junk/spam folder to see if you've received an email from us at all? Also, can you please send over a private message to Tesco-Bank confirming your full name, DOB and postcode? I'll then be able to take a look at your account.
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    I paid £800 to my credit card on the 28th August, stupidly thinking that would cover me until next payday. I’ve now missed a payment due on 28 September, I’ve paid £900 today (29 September) but am terrified this is going to put a black mark on my credit report. I’m trying to get a mortgage later this year. Will I lose my 0% interest rate? My app is already showing a £12 late payment fee. Will the fact I was only one day late be taken into account? Can somebody help?