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    Very underhand tactics on car insurance policies to have auto renewal on AND no option to turn it off except for contacting the call centre during your restricted opening hours and at the mercy of the hold times. It is unethical to apply auto renew, especially as what also makes me feel that you deliberately try to extract as much money as possible is every year I can get a cheaper quote with YOURSELVES as a new customer compared to the renewal you provide (That's aside from cashback through cashback sites which I have combined with the cheaper quotes from yourselves as a new customer in previus years). Every year you tell me you only provide a renewal based on the provider you have quoted me on originally but think about the poor customer experience of deiberately not checking the full panel of insurers you have for my renewal, its deceptive and not treating customers fairly. so I guess I'll have to endure the hold music when you're call centre is open at an inconvenience to me but and at cost to myself through time and telephone allowance. poor customer service and I hope the FCA stamps down on this underhand tactic by insurance companies - i for one think it is a deliberate act to catch out customers who are not wise to the tactics used by companies like this.
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    Sorry you feel like that . We advise when you take out your policy that it's set to auto-renew and it's something you can switch off at any time. I'm sorry you feel our phone lines are restricted. We are open Monday - Friday: 8am - 9pm and Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 5pm.

    We can't offer you a renewal price from another underwriter, only from the underwriter on your policy. We can't switch underwriters on your policy either as each underwriters' terms may be different. The renewal offer is the best rate from your current underwriter based on the information we hold for you. Another underwriter might be able to provider a cheaper quote as their rates may be different.

    We give you your renewal invite up to 28 days in advance to allow you time to shop around. Yes, there are times when you are able to get a cheaper quote online, but that's most likely because it's a different underwriter providing the quote. There is also an online discount if you receive a quote from us on our website. I'm sorry you feel we're being deceptive, but this information is confirmed on your paperwork too as we know that you may be able to get a better price online with a different underwriter. I hope this helps.
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    THanks , I appreciate the explanation.

    The service I get from your colleagues over the phone has always been excellent (Have just got off the phone cancelling our 2 policies from renewal) so I will definitely consider using you again if the price is competitive.

    I do disagree with the use of auto renewal, you mention it can be removed at any time... however to do this you need to call the contact centre which is inconvienent. My new insurer also offers auto renewal, however, it asks for explicit consent to do so an allows to the option for it to be turned on and off byt the customer online - a much better customer experience and one that builds trust.

    I do understand the explanation why you are unable to offer a renewal price from a different underwriter you use, however, comparison sites get round this by requoting using the information and making it clear what the policy differences are so again I feel this is a poor excuse resulting in a bad customer experience.

    As I say, Im very happy with the customer service, the online portal for accessing documents etc. is also very good, it's just a shame that the renewal process is not very transparent. I have logged a complaint to register my dissatisfaction and look forward to the outcome of the FCA investigation into general insurance pricing practices which this problem will then hopefully be addressed (By a number of offending insurance companies)