New Tesco Bank CreditView service for Foundation Card customers

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    A new free service exclusively available to Tesco Bank Foundation Credit Card customers is about to launch. The new service will be known as Tesco Bank CreditView.
    Tesco Bank CreditView is a new, improved replacement for Tesco Bank Noddle. It will allow Foundation card customers to view their credit report, access analytical tools that help them understand and manage their personal information and take precautions against identity theft.
    Tesco Bank CreditView is provided by TransUnion, a leading global company providing consumer reports, risk scores and other financial analytics services. Existing Tesco Bank Foundation card customers who are registered with the Tesco Bank Noddle website will automatically be migrated to Tesco Bank CreditView on 14 May 2019.
    TransUnion will contact existing customers directly to provide a new log in link for the new service; watch out for an email from them as that’s the only way to access the new services provided by TransUnion.
    Tesco Bank CreditView will still include the following services, as currently enjoyed by Tesco Bank Foundation Card customers:

    • unlimited access to your Credit Report and Score, which will be refreshed every 28 days.
    • Score Factors – a breakdown of the biggest influencers on your overall credit score to help give you an idea of what you are doing well and what you could improve on.
    • Credit Alerts - TransUnion will monitor your credit report each month and the CreditView service will alert you via email to highlight any significant changes to your credit report.

    Existing Foundation Card customers will have access to Tesco Bank CreditView for three years from the time they signed up to Tesco Bank Noddle. If their Foundation Card is closed before three years have elapsed, access will be revoked.
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    Hi Jonathan, I am a new customer that opened an account last week. (first of September 2019)How can I use this service as none of your colleague have any information about this service?I didn't get any welcome email containing with personalised link as Tesco website mentioned!In fact, I applied for this credit card just because of this service. Thank you
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    , thanks for getting in touch. This only applies to Foundation Card customers. If you have applied for this card, and you haven't received your email. Please send an email to [email protected] requesting this, and we'll help get you set up - Joe
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    Thank You , I sent an email and I am waiting for your response. I like this Tesco community ;)
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    We're glad to hear it, ! :) - Caroline