Thomas Cook Update

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    Our team began processing claims this week, following new guidance from ATOL, and we are working through them as quickly as possible. The collapse of Thomas Cook is unprecedented in terms of the number of people affected and, for this reason, refunds may take slightly longer than normal due to the volume received.
    Claims are being processed in the order they were received and we will update customers individually when we complete your case.
    For more details, please see this update:
    Thank you for your continued patience, we aim to complete all claims as quickly as possible.
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    HiAs you have been processing these claims for a few days now, you will have a good idea how many can be completed in a day. Based on this information why don't you give us an estimate of when the claims that came in on the 23rd will be completed and so on for the following days?This means people like me won't have to keep asking and we can leave you to get on with processing the claims.
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    Community Manager
    Hi , thanks for your comments. I will pass these on to the team as a suggestion.
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    Hi I have put a claim in by the normal process as requested by yourselves over 1 week ago and received no refund. I have noticed however that if customers private message you through this community you are pushing their claims through. That is not treating customers fairly and I suggest you deal with the claims in the correct manner.
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    Hi , I'm sorry to hear that. The vast majority of claims were received on the 23rd September, so our Disputes team are working through this date first and will then continue to work through the rest in chronological order. We will be in touch as soon as we process your claim, we are working hard to get through these as quickly as possible - Christina
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    Hi I submitted my claim on the 24th Sept but so far have only received automated responses, so a) how do I know that the information I have supplied you is all you need and correct and being processed? b) how do I know when it will be processed, as the statement ' we aim to complete all claims as quickly as possible.' can be subjective; 1, 3, 6 month, etc.? c) When you refund will it be as a credit on my card or a cheque?
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    Hi , thanks for your message. If we require anything further from you, we'll be in touch either by email or by telephone. We don't have a timescale for when the claims will be processed at the moment, I'm afraid. We will update you as soon as we can regarding this though. You'll receive a credit to your card when we have processed the refund. I hope this helps - Ainsley
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    I must say the response from Tesco Bank to this crisis has not been great, especially having read plenty of reports of how well other providers have handled the situation. Having submitted a claim, on the day that TC went under, for a refund on cancelled flights that I booked direct with TC using my Tesco CC, all I have had since are a couple of generic emails making excuses for the delay. I appreciate there will have been lots of noise generated by customers not understanding ATOL procedures etc., but why don't Tesco appear to have drawn any distinction between those more complex claims and those (like mine) which are totally straightforward?
    Having now waited 3 weeks, I have lodged a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman over the delay and the fact that I am still incurring interest on the outstanding claim amount.
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    Hi there, I completely understand your frustration by this! Our dedicated team are working to process our customer's claims as quickly as possible. If you could please send us a message to Tesco-Bank with your full name, DOB, postcode and email address, we can pass this on to the team – Clare
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    Very well put NeilSJ. Tesco seem to be really dragging their feet over this. In the meantime, as you say, we are still paying interest.