What does financial advisor even do?

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    I think many people have confusion on what does financial advisors even do, I found valid information from *removed external link* that financial advisors are very important while dealing with heavy investment as you might have a risk of dealing with debt so I believe consulting with a financial advisor would be helpful.
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    I think the average person may not have a need for a financial advisor and I am sure they are viewed as an expensive non requirement, unless you have lots of money to invest, or require advise on trusts, complicated wills etc
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    Hi kareena2b ! i would strongly recommend engaging with a financial advisor as early in life as possible, it could be the best decision of your life !. While serving in the British Army in my mid twenties. i was offered fantastic financial advice particularly on saving and retirement. Let me give you an example, upon his advice i invested in a £500 pension bond, that were locked away until i reached 60 years of age. Yes, the advisor got his commission out of it, but that pension bonds now pay me £1000 on my birthday every year for the rest of my life. The first appointment with a financial advisor is usually completely free, just do it ! Good luck.
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    Thanks for your reply-but a bit too old for that now and you were lucky, I saw my endowment policy reduce to a negative value, as did others. Best thing I did was to get out of the pension plan and invest in a property that provides me with a pension and something to leave my children. Not negating Financial Advisors, but any financial investment is risky and no doubt the current situation is causing many people problems, I wonder if pension/insurance plans and the like are providing a non payment holiday like the banks?
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    Hello. Listen, I don't see the point in this, because a competent and wise person can manage his finances himself and you shouldn't let anyone into your secrets. In my opinion, this is just stupid. This is my personal opinion. I have never heard of anyone getting rich thanks to a financial advisor! In addition, it seems to me that if I had a financial advisor, he would never recommend trading to me, and trading completely changed my life. I accidentally saw an ad for a trading platform while watching a movie and decided to give it a try. Since then I have been working for investous.com and I am very happy with this service!