Using your time at home productively: self isolation and quarantine tips

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    It is a pain to be cut off from social life and the outside world, fortunately there are some ways to make use of the time ( other than binging on boxsets or reading )-Work on your DIY or crafting skills: it is a good time to finally master that one thing that you never had time to do: be it would working, painting or anything else. Check youtube for inspiration or advise.-get some free education:Websites like provide free courses ( I am doing basic accounting at the moment). There are tons of tutorials on webdesign and coding for free floating around the internet.-gardening: Just in time to plant new flowers and shrubs, if you have a garden or balcony. Or you could even grow small plants indoors ( succulents, microgreens if you are a foodie)Anybody else have any tips or comments?
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    Hi RickVigorous, one of the most rewarding and interesting ways that i enjoy to while away the hours is joining paid online survey sites. A few that i would recommend are 1. Prolific 2.Panelbase 3. Valued Opinions 4. One Poll 5. Opinion Outpost 6, IpsosiSay These will keep you busy with short 10-20 minute interesting surveys that typically pay between 50p and £5 per and can be redeemed either as cash on paypal or Amazon gift vouchers. I earned over £2000 last year, which really helped with the Christmas and birthday presents etc, so hope you give it a go and good luck !
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    Personally I use my time with a 3D printer. Although you can spend thousands getting a beast, a recent online post made me aware of the following, which provides a decent low cost way of trying out 3D printing without breaking the bank: Also useful as a possible Xmas pressie if you have youngsters who might be interested in using an active toy! Note: For designing 3D models I highly recommend setting up an account at - completely free of charge.
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    Hi RickVigorous, any of the above suggestions are sure to please the other-half and earn you plenty of brownie points.I was outside of my back garden at the weekend for about 3 hours painting the fence. During this time several people walked by with their dog(s) on their way to a local park for the obligatory "walkies". Apart from the usual comments such as "looking good", one lady said, "There's no where to hide now from those D.I.Y jobs".So enough said, 'keep your busy and and safe, but more importantly get all those little or big jobs that you want to do to improve the look of your castle'.
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    Never mind planting flowers. Plant plenty of veg, especially fast growing ones
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    Agree re surveys, albeit the rewards are generally poor on a per hour basis!
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    Its easy to get comfortable and the change in routine can make us feel sluggish but starting or ending the day with a workout is a great use of time for both physical and mental health. You don't have to spend lots of money to workout either - Lots of trainers and gyms are posting live workout streams and online video content. Some of my free favourites are kaytlin "katniss" neil and Hiit burn in addition to the Joe Wicks workouts , all of which can be found on facebook and youtube.