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    What's changing?
    New regulation from the Gambling Commission means that from 14th April 2020 you can't pay for most forms of gambling on your credit card in Great Britain anymore. From the 18th November 2020 this will extend to gambling transactions in all countries outside of the UK, including Northern Ireland.

    When does this happen?
    The ban came into place on the 18 November 2020.
    What is classed as a gambling transaction?
    This applies to all “online and offline gambling transactions, except lotteries that are run for good causes”. So this means it includes gambling on betting websites, in casinos, playing bingo and arcades, along with all forms of betting done in person at the bookmakers.

    Can I still buy a lottery ticket with my credit card?
    Yes, National Lottery tickets can still be bought on your credit card in supermarkets and newsagents, as long as they are purchased at the same time as other products.

    Can I still buy drinks and food in a Casino with my credit card?
    You should check this directly with the Casino you are planning to visit, as this will depend how they process payments.

    What countries does this apply to?
    From 14th April this initially applied to gambling transactions in Scotland, England and Wales. From 18th November it will extend to gambling transactions in all countries outside of the UK, including Northern Ireland.

    Can I still gamble in other countries, for example, the USA?
    No. From 18th November you will no longer be able to gamble in any country using your credit card.

    Can I still use my debit card to gamble in Great Britain?
    Yes, you can still use your debit card to pay for these transactions.
    Where should I go if I’m worried about gambling?
    BeGambleAware offers free, confidential advice to anyone who is worried about their own or someone else’s gambling.

    Due to the current circumstances relating to COVID-19 (coronavirus) our phone lines are very busy. Please only call us if your enquiry is urgent.
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    Just looking
    Any measure that discourages gambling is good
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    Hi,Thanks for the information.I suppose its to help prevent people racking up big gambling spends especially on their credit card.
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    I think this is a very good idea. I do however have experience that some gambling sites still allow you to use a credit card to purchase tickets. My partner couldn’t use his visa debit card to buy a ticket for some car raffle but he could use a credit card!!
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    I am glad that they have blocked it.
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    It should have been done a long time ago. I have never played casino, and it doesn't matter for me if it's possible to pay with credit card at casinos, but I understand how many people have gambling problems and if it won't help them to stop playing at least it will be harder now to waste their money. I understand that it also affects and people who used to play casino only for fun, but it's impossible to make everyone happy. In Thailand casinos and even แทงบอลออนไลน์ (which means betting) are banned since 1935, hope that soon this restriction will extend the same way. I didn't want to offend someone with this post, these are only my thoughts.
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    you contradict yourself man, just read your text once again
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    Am I the only one who always loses at the casino, or am I unlucky?
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    Bad news, thanks for the information
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwalelah
    Hi, thank you for this wonderful news. I think it will help humanity not spend a lot of money on gambling. A few years ago, I was addicted to gambling through
    Quote Originally Posted by Edwalelah and at first I spent a lot of money, then, of course, I won it back, but it was hard. Excitement is, perhaps, one of the most contradictory traits of human nature. On the one hand, it is uninteresting to live without excitement.On the other hand, people often do not do very good things under the influence of excitement. It is very important what exactly your excitement is aimed at.
    Gambling addiction can lead to bad consequences. Of course, until a certain time you are lucky, but one failure can cost you a fortune.