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    I purchased the Mail on Sunday from my local Spar shop this last two weekends, and on both occasions the Event magazine was missing from every issue in the shop. I have complained to the Mail on Sunday helpline, and they are very apologetic, and appear to suggest that this is a localized issue. I would be interested to hear from any community members who read the Mail on Sunday, to determine if indeed this is just my local shop, or if there is a wider issue that they are unaware of. Please let me know if you got your Event magazine or not. thanks all !See below the reply from Mail on Sunday Helpline :-"We're very sorry to hear there were no supplements with your Mail on Sunday paper for today. Please accept our apology about this. To obtain your supplements please email [email protected] we will need your name and address and details of the supplements required. Your supplements will be sent to you without delay subject to stock availability. We hope this information helps resolve your enquiry and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please feel free to get in touch with us again if you have further questions."
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    Please see latest update received from Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday. "Good Morning Christopher,
    Thank you for contacting the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday regarding the Event magazine, I am happy to assist you. One of the many wretched effects of the coronavirus pandemic is the impact it has had on Britain's entertainment industry. All across the land, thousands of cinemas, theatres, galleries and concert halls are locked in darkness - with little prospect of reopening in the near future. It is, for this reason, we have with the greatest reluctance, taken the decision to put on hold the publication of Event, our entertainment and listings magazine until this health crisis is over. But there is good news too. With all of us spending more time than ever at home, it's never been more vital to have a helping hand picking out the must-watch gems from the unimaginable number of shows now available on TV. That's why from Sunday 12th April 2020 - until life returns to normal - The Mail on Sunday is giving you a brilliant TV & Puzzles pullout free inside the paper. You'll find indispensable seven-day TV listings that are clear and easy to follow, plus our critics' pick of the shows and movies that REALLY are worth watching, and MUCH more. We hope that you continue to enjoy reading the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday and all of our fantastic content." Kind regards,
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