No Google Pay yet? Ridiculous. I'm off

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    I too have now had enough of waiting, I've been patient for 3 years, but now had enough.

    I have only signed up to this community to add this post, as I am that *&&*& off with it. As someone has already stated, with the number of view this thread has had, you really should have got the hint by now, your customers want this.

    But You really don't give a damn about what your customers want, just be honest about it.

    I have actually spent more of my wasted time on Tesco yet again.

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    I can appreciate your disappointment.
    I'm sure Tesco Bank will take your comments onboard and pass them to the relevant department 😁

    Have a lovely weekend, Caz @25H

    ​​​​​​​Is that relevant department, also know as a Bin?

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    Hi @Kenny2001, I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. I'll pass on your comments as customer feedback today - Kelly

    Would love to know what they said when "you passed your comments on as customer feedback" ? was it...... who? customer, who are they?

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    Thanks for your message @jainvikas8, I've added on your comments as feedback today :)

    Kelly writes in chalk on the pavement, "customer, err, credit card, err something pay?"

    ​​​​​​​has it rained since?
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    Well I must hold the record for having a Tesco Credit Card for the shortest amount of time. My card arrived today, and I've already closed the account!

    Can I ask that Tesco makes it clear to prospective customers that they do not support Google Pay at the time of application? Tesco has wasted my time, their time in setting the account up and now for closing it. They've also sent plastic cards through the post that will not be used.

    Unless Tesco is actually going to change it's position with regard to accepting Google Pay, and/or change their website to advise customers at the time of application that they don't accept Google/Android Pay, I'd ask them not to respond to this post with a generic statement that is not genuine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyT View Post
    Hi , thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. This was a business decision, I'm afraid. We take all feedback on board and, if this changes, then we'll notify our customer via our website and Community pages. I've logged this as customer feedback for you today.

    What's the thinking behind the "business decision"? None of Tesco's competitors appear to follow its line of thought!
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    Just came to say I signed up to this card to find it isn't compatible with Google pay. Very disappointed. Can't believe it's 2022 and still no Google pay support!
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    Any further update on this, Tesco Bank? What is the rationale behind making things inconvenient for your customers (I mean beyond the meaningless "it was a business decision" line that has been trotted out before). Surely Tesco Bank is losing money on this - every time a Google Pay user wants to make a purchase, they are forced to use a different card... it makes no sense to me at all...!
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    It is disappointing that Tesco card is still not available on Google pay. Perhaps +85k views of this topic and an Android share of the market of +70% would suggest a review of the "business decision" is long overdue.
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    I've just tried to add my card to Google Pay, and ended up reading this very frustrating thread.
    It seems that Tesco's community employees have given up responding to the continuing complaints, possibly because "I will feed this back to the relevant team" clearly has no effect, and stating that it is "a business decision" is the equivalent of a parent saying "because I said so".
    So many people have asked for an explanation why Tesco won't or can't do what we are asking for. How arrogant must they be to ignore our requests for an explanation?
    ​​​​​​​When so many other banks are able to allow Google Pay, the least you can do is give a proper explanation.