What is Tesco Bank CreditView?

Tesco Bank CreditView, provided by TransUnion, is a free online service that gives you access to your credit report – allowing you to view your credit score, rating and financial history.

We think that the more information you have about your credit history, the easier it will be for you to manage your credit rating. That’s why we’ve teamed up with TransUnion to bring our Foundation Credit Card customers a free, exclusive service - Tesco Bank CreditView.

From opening a Foundation Credit Card, you'll get three years' unlimited access to:

  • Your Credit Report and score from TransUnion
  • Score Factors – a useful breakdown of the biggest influences on your overall credit score to help you understand things to change and things you're doing well
  • Credit Alerts – email updates on any significant changes to your credit report each month
  • Tesco Bank CreditView report - refreshed every 28 days with any new information passed on from other lenders, local authority, and courts (which Tesco Bank CreditView receive every 4-6 weeks)
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