Rejected application for club card pay + (not sure why)

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    I recently applied for a Club card pay+ account on the 2nd of September 2022. This was rejected today 07.09.22 in an email. It does not mention the reason why and I am a bit confused as my credit score is good in that I have never had problems repaying a loan and usually pay them in full. Also considering that this is a pre-paid card I would have thought that I would be topping it up with my own money so I really cannot hazard a guess at the reason for refusal.

    The email asks me to write a letter by post to appeal, but I am wondering if there is an email that I can write to instead. This is because sometimes my letters do not get through and considering that this is a financial matter it would be more safer and secure for me.

    The email asked me to ring 0345 300 6348 if I had any questions about the appeals process which I did but when I rang I was told that it was the wrong department and that 0141 278 6004 was the number to ring. When I searched this number online there was nothing I could find so I am not sure if this is still the right number.

    Would anyone or any Tesco Bank staff me able to provide me with a contact email (preferably) or the best number to ring regarding this please?
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    Hi @BrravinRaja, sorry to hear this. There are a few reasons your application could have been declined. In some cases, it could be as simple as the application form not being filled out correctly or you didn't meet our account opening criteria. If you would like to discuss this further please contact our Clubcard Pay+ Customer Services team on 0345 835 6295 (Mon - Fri: 8am - 9pm, Sat - Sun: 8am - 6pm). I'm afraid we don't have an email address for customer service queries or appeals.

    If you think you’ve entered some details incorrectly or your circumstances have changed since you previously applied, you can reapply for a Clubcard Pay+ account.
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    Thank you for your response. I do not think that I filled in the form incorrectly. I will ring the number at some point and ask.

    I am wondering if you could explain or link to what the account opening criteria are please?

    When I applied I got a text later saying "we need to complete some further checks and "we'll get back to you in the next few working days" but I got a rejection email after that. I do not remember having to put in any personal details such as a picture of my driving license or passport if that is what you mean by account opening criteria. If so then it is possible that I might have missed it but I do not think I did.
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    @BrravinRaja To be eligible for a Clubcard Pay+ account, you need to be an existing Tesco Clubcard member, resident in the UK and aged 18 or over. Have you managed to speak with the team over the phone since your last post?
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    Yes, I rang the number you mentioned. They told me that a letter regarding why was sent to my address on the 7th (07/09/2022) but they could not tell me why over the phone because they did not have access to that information. I think I will have to wait for the letter to see if it adds anything to the rejection email as to why. Failing that they said that I might have to write in.

    I am still a bit confused though as I have a good credit score as far as I know and I have never had any problems paying off loans (I am usually able to pay the full amount off).

    Thanks for your help so far.
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    As I recall from the help pages you have to be over 18, able to provide 3 years address history, earn at least 5k a year and not have applied for another Tesco card in the last month. I think anyway. I just had a look at the help pages to find it again but couldn't
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    @Kyleayres I recently was rejected also I earn £70k a year with no outwit and debts and a clean credit f report in the excellent banding. Not sure what Tesco loan requirements are. But I was referred to by a friend who earns £25k with 1 outstanding debt who was accepted

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    @Kyleayres I recently was rejected also I earn £70k a year with no outwit and debts and a clean credit f report in the excellent banding. Not sure what Tesco loan requirements are. But I was referred to by a friend who earns £25k with 1 outstanding debt who was accepted.

    Their lending criteria doesn’t seem to make any sense and their customer service team are literally there to answer the phone to say “we can’t help”
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    Hi @Ash122333 😊

    I've replied to your original post here - Loan Rejected - Tesco Bank Community as this thread is relating to Clubcard Pay+
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    @BrravinRajaa good credit rating doesn't automatically give people the purpose of opening account adn getting accepted you could have the best score on the 3 Cra it's about credit utilastuin and how much your in debt with other loans or cards or mobiles or anything like that
    . Companys will look at your file and see how much credit your using but if your using a lot of credit or have applied for credit more than 5 times in 6 months or a year the company thinks your desperate for more than you can afford so they won't open one with the best score in the world

    And also saying that there is not credit score it's a myth you could have 700 out off 700 don't mean anything tbh it's about how many credit or loans you have on your file

    It's a score they don't really use it they use your information on your credit file