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    I use your online banking service via a computer and using the app on the phone.

    The online banking service via a computer requires multiple verification methods, which I like as it adds more layers of security. The app on the phone however only requires a pin code to access.

    Both of these methods provide access to all my accounts with you.

    Is there a way to remove certain accounts from being accessible by the mobile app as I only use the mobile on the phone for dealing with my main current account? My concern is that should by phone be lost or stolen, then only thing restricting access to all my accounts via the phone app is a pin code.

    I would still want to be able to manage all my account as normal via a computer.

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    Morning @DaveB2023 😊

    What device do you have? Is it possible to set up either Touch ID to access via your fingerprint, or Face ID so that it can only be accessed via your own facial recognition?

    We do have a process to unlink your accounts, so that they don't all appear together under one single sign on, however it's not unique to the mobile app and this would also impact your online banking and telephone banking channels.

    The good news is that we do currently have a piece of work ongoing to improve the layered security in our mobile app, but unfortunately I don't have a go-live date for that as yet. I'll keep you posted on that feature when I hear more!