Late payment as Direct Debit not yet set up

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    I got a 0% balance transfer card in September and have made payments on time every month. Unfortunately due to my being in bed sick i forgot my payment was due on 1/01/18 and did not make a payment until 03/01/18 and got a late payment fine. I then set up a DD as i was aware that missing a payment on time could mean that the 0% balance rate is removed and Tesco sent me a letter in relation to this. I checked my on line banking today and the DD has not been taken from my account even though the DD mandate has been set up by my bank. I now have a late payment fee again on my account and looks like i will lose the 0% interest. Can anyone help as customer services were not very helpful today.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you've had issues with your payments recently . If you send a private message with your full name, DOB and postcode to our @Tesco-Bank account, we can look into this for you.