closing internet saver a/c on line ?

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    Customer services on 0345 678 5678 has recorded message saying that accounts can be closed on line. I could not find a link. One CS adviser told me I had to do it by phone after the balance was reduced to Zero. I did that and called again. That adviser closed the account but then told me that I could have done it on line - a recent change to the system - but the link was hard to find. I tried again (to close another Internet Saver a/c), but still failed to find a link, only advice to phone Cust Servs.
    What is the current procedure for closing an internet Saver account? Whatever the answer, why are your Cust Serv advisers giving contradictory advice and is the recorded message correct?
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    Hi @JustMe, I'm sorry to hear that you've had different answers on this. For Internet Saver Accounts and Instant Access Savings Accounts, if your balance is already at £0 and you want to close your account then you can complete this request online using our PDF Closure Form. We have a guide on this process below. I hope this helps!

    How do I close my Internet Saver Account online?